IBM’s new blockchain-based application designed to address the pandemic puts privacy first.

IBM’s blockchain-based application will help companies reopen in the pandemicNOTÍCIAS


A new application developed at IBM’s blockchain will seek to help people around the world resume coexistence during the coronavirus pandemic.

IBM Watson Health, an arm of health-focused technology giant IBM, is launching IBM Digital Health Pass, a blockchain-based application to support global organizations and companies planning to reopen after months of lockdown.

IBM Watson announced that the new application can aggregate various types of data, such as VOCID-19 test results and temperature measurement to generate a verified security status. After checking health status through the application, individuals can safely access public places such as sports stadiums, aeroplanes, museums or amusement parks, IBM representatives said.

Eric Piscini, vice president of blockchain division at IBM Watson Health, emphasized that the IBM Digital Health Pass was designed to support privacy as its primary resource. According to the executive, the application will allow users to share their verified health passes without exposing any of the data used to generate it:

„We believe that trust and transparency remain paramount when developing a platform such as a digital health passport, or any solution that deals with confidential personal information, and we remain committed to this philosophy as we continue to build solutions to help support organizations during the current public health crisis.

This is not the first time IBM’s blockchain has been used to help people deal with COVID-19. Earlier this year, IBM also launched IBM’s Rapid Supplier Connect network – a cloud-based application that uses blockchain to help companies that provide coronavirus treatment supplies connect with buyers.

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